Hoteling, Hybrid Workspace Enhancement and Workplace Conversion will be key to help achieve a balanced transition

Whether it’s via space utilization, adapting workspace areas for seamless transitions, creating visually non-identifiable web conferencing spaces, or converting office space to collaboration spaces, TRITECH has the tools and technologies to make the work experience better than ever.


If you are building out a new space right now, there is a good chance you are going to use some form of hoteling. Tritech is integrating software for clients that optimize the usage of the office and help clients learn more about how they work.
  • Helps to coordinate coworkers as they can claim seats
  • Provides analytics to management about who is using the office and how
  • Can offer a way to implement gamification for internal initiatives
  • Coordinates maintenance and sanitation needs based on usage

Hybrid Workspace Enhancement

If your return to work plan now includes a mix of work from home and partial work from home people, you might be looking at hybrid spaces. Places that can be a desk for someone to work, or something that can be used for small collaboration meetings that require the right audio and video technologies to allow for those that work from the office or home to have the same enhanced virtual meetings

Workspace Conversion

If you are not building out a new space, you might be looking at converting lounges, cubicles or even kitchen space into collaboration areas. TRITECH is a go to partner for making sure those virtual meetings feel like the real thing.
  • Audio options for atypical spaces.
  • Lighting options for video collaboration.
  • Camera and lens options for atypical spaces

We’re here to help

Mark Vitt, Executive Vice President
TRITECH Communications