The Client

Established in 1697. Trinity Church was granted a charter by King William III of England. Since then, Trinity has been an integral part of New York City. Today, Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel (just a few blocks north) are the cornerstones of Trinity Church Wall Street, a growing and vibrant Episcopal community. From the founding of a Charity School in 1709, to support for Desmond Tutu in Apartheid-era South Africa, to a wide variety of programs today, Trinity has evolved to respond to the spiritual and material needs of a changing, interconnected world.

The Challenge

The present building, one of the most iconic, historic buildings in the United States, began an interior rejuvenation project in May 2018.  Updating the audio and video systems was part of that project and through a competitive bid process, TRITECH was selected as the integrator of the systems designed by AV consulting firm SMW. Considering the historical, aesthetic and inspirational importance of the space everything had to work flawlessly yet remain as unobtrusive as possible, a daunting task in a 200-year-old building!  With 75’ high ceilings, hanging speakers and microphones became a delicate and complex task while the very reverberant environment, required careful acoustical analysis.

The Solutions

Through extensive collaboration with the church staff, SMW engineers and frequent visits to various church events, the Tritech team was able to create an acoustically pleasing system that accommodates the various services held in the facility.  Using clever techniques like retractable microphones and some creative painting, most of the components are hidden from view.  The systems take advantage of the latest available technology and allow for live and on-demand streaming of events and as one of the larger Dante digital audio networks in the region, system maintenance and upgrades are easily accomplished.

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