The Client

Born of successive mergers between several banks that were created during the industrial revolution early in the 19th century, these banks’ missions were to finance the economy and serve their customers worldwide. This long-standing purpose over two centuries is now deeply embedded in this international behemoth’s fabric. Today, the bank ranks as one of the largest in the world with over 150,000 employees spread over 60 countries.

The Challenge

The partnership between the Bank and Tritech started with the build out of a new building in Eastern Pennsylvania where Tritech was selected through a competitive bid process.  The success of that project led to Tritech being awarded the next project in New Jersey in a design build capacity where system designs were created jointly by the Bank’s AV staff and Tritech engineers.  When the Bank embarked on a major renovation of it’s NYC offices, their US Headquarters, Tritech was again selected to be the AV partner.  A phased, multi-floor project located in the heart of mid town Manhattan, it included over 160 spaces equipped with varying degrees of AV technology.   Along the way, the Engineering and Installation teams encountered and resolved various challenges from simple construction issues to complex electronic ones.  Equipment supply chain issues also created hardships that needed creative solutions, in order to keep the projects on schedule.

The Solutions

Tritech provided nearly every type of available AV technology in the various buildings done for the Bank.  With more than 300 different spaces completed, a wide range of solutions were deployed.  Divisible, multi-purpose rooms used multiple 98” displays and projection systems.  The main Boardroom in NY features a 98” primary display with smaller ones distributed around the room as well as multiple cameras.  Cisco VTC systems are deployed throughout the facilities, with nearly each of the 150+ Huddle rooms having that capability.  System controls range from simple, handheld remotes to complex, touch panel based systems that control all AV system features as well as environmental systems.  Consistency of operation and “look and feel” are key features of all the systems provided by Tritech.

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