The Client

This global law firm is widely recognized as one of the nation’s premier firms, whose lawyers routinely handle significant and complex civil, criminal and administrative cases across the United States and around the world. Ranked as one of the top law firms for selectivity, partner-associate relations, career outlook, satisfaction, quality of work, and business outlook, the Firm fosters a unique culture focused on teamwork, preparation and tenacity designed to deliver results.

The Challenge

When the firm decided to relocate its offices to a different location, they took the opportunity to upgrade and enhance their AV technology.  In order to maximize the investment and ensure that the systems installed met their needs, it was decided that prototype conference rooms would be built before any designs were finalized.  Based on a long and successful history, the Firm turned to Tritech to build the prototype systems within a variety of room types.  Once those systems were built, tweaked and approved, an architectural team was brought in to create the final specifications and drawings that were ultimately released for competitive bid.  Tritech was selected and working closely with the AV Consultant, built the designed systems.

The Solutions

The new location features a variety of rooms that are beautiful and highly functional.  From small team rooms to large, divisible, multi-function rooms and many in between, each space features technology that enables effective communication.  Many of the rooms feature video technology that allows meeting participants around the world to easily meet and share information.  Large displays within each space enhance the meeting experience while installed sound systems provide clear, intelligible audio to remote and local participants.

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