At TRITECH we understand that your staffing needs vary depending on program scope, existing staff workloads and facility utilization. Hiring full time employees for these activities is a time-consuming and exhaustive process that results in higher operations cost. TRITECH Staffing Services can supply qualified manpower with the expert services your company needs at substantial savings to your bottom line while saving you valuable time and reducing risks of employee turnover to your company – the onus of responsibility is on us for replacement.

For more information on our staffing solutions, please e-mail us at or for immediate assistance with a certified staffing consultant call us at 516-361-3994.

Maximize the potential of your technology and facilities with our easily scalable full time on-site and temporary staffing resources. TRITECH Staffing Services supplies on-site technology systems staffing to operate set-up, support and manage your operations so you can dedicate your resources and valuable personnel to core business activities.

TRITECH Staffing Services include Direct-Hire / Temporary / Temporary to Direct Hire / Contract Employees / HR Payroll and Benefits Administration. Our professional, on-site staffing solutions provide comprehensive industry certified technical expertise for all your audio visual and communications systems including TS clearance if required for secure facility locations.

Audio Visual

  • Audio Video Multimedia Technicians
  • Audio Visual Dispatcher
  • NOC Technician / Operator
  • Camera Operator and Engineers
  • AV / VTC Management
  • Videoconferencing (VTC ) Engineers
  • Enterprise Webcasting Technicians
  • Digital Signage / Multimedia Operators
  • Post Production Graphics Operator
  • VTC Systems Administrator
  • Level 1-2-3 Technicians


  • NOC Technician / Operator
  • Level 1-2-3 Moves / Adds / Changes

TRITECH Staffing Services include:

  • A TRITECH staffing consultant will conduct a detailed review and needs analysis of existing and anticipated staffing levels. The consultant will work closely with IT/HR management, as well as other line employees, as necessary, identify, gather, understand and analyze AV/VTC staffing needs.
  • Dedicated AV Account Manager and AV dispatcher providing high-touch, superior customer service under the direction of client’s information technology executive team that will result in standardized procedures for AV support and production work at client site.
  • Web-based account with centralized secure client area providing instant access to qualified candidates and collaborative recruitment support tools for the various hiring managers.
  • Establishing your company’s “bench” of skilled approved specialists for end-to-end AV/VTC management staffing or augmentation of AV operations support staff.
  • Technical training services to help clients increase the productivity of their existing operations. Our diversity allows us to provide multiple engineering resources to our clients.
  • Payroll and benefits administration tailored to clients specific in-house staff which will result in achieving affordable, innovative solutions to optimally manage HRMS business processes.

TRITECH’s Staffing Service is the nation’s leading provider of human resources management services to the Audio Visual and Communications marketplace. A fully accredited member of NSCA and ICIA, TRITECH understands the unique needs of our industry. Our specialized staffing services connect companies with top-notch, experienced professionals in engineering and technical operations.

For more information on our staffing solutions, please e-mail us at or for immediate assistance with a certified staffing consultant call us at 516-361-3994.