The Client

SONY Corporation of America is a diversified company at the forefront of technological innovation and entertainment. Its New York headquarters, which comprise ten floors at 25 Madison Avenue in Manhattan, hosts four separate divisions of SONY: Sony Music Entertainment, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., and Sony DADC (disc and digital solution provider). These divisions exemplify the scope and depth of the company’s passion for technology and its mission to inspiring creativity and fulfilling curiosity. In addition, SONY has created a new retail experience making its exciting products available to the public.

The Challenge

TRITECH was hired to create an A/V environment that was consistent with SONY’s mission. For a client with the global impact and importance of SONY, it was imperative that the latest AV technology and systems design were used. They had to be as advanced as they were adaptable, enabling enormous flexibility to customize SONY’s events, including video conferences so as to maximize the experience for all employees and visitors.



Project Team

AV Consultant


Technology Integrator

TRITECH Communications

The Solutions

To accomplish these goals, TRITECH performed specific room installations, including: a screening room that offers an immersive Dolby Atmos sound experience; video conferencing spaces with unique sub-sets and audio requirements; custom control interfaces; and multi-use cafeteria and outdoor terraces featuring 3’ x 3’ video walls.  The flexibility afforded by SONY’s products and services, and their capability of custom configuration for any situation is a theme consistently established and stressed throughout the building.

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