The Client

The Bank is part of the central banking system of the United States. Its mission is to promote the effective operation of the U.S. economy while serving the public interest. It conducts the nation’s monetary policy to promote the stability of the financial system as well as providing consumer protection and community development activities. The Boston bank is one of 12 regional banks in the system.

The Challenge

The Bank’s reliance on technology to deliver its legislated mission has steadily increased.  As collaboration and interaction between remote workers reached a critical point, the need for the latest conferencing technologies became apparent.  To accommodate this growing need, the Bank engaged TRITECH to help them identify and implement the appropriate systems for their needs.  TRITECH was selected because of the long-standing relationship with the Bank.

Working within an iconic building in downtown Boston presented the design and build teams with many unique challenges.  Designs had to be cognizant of zoning and historical limitations, deliveries had to be carefully timed around employee and tourist movement, security procedures had to be scheduled into start and stop times. The majority of the work took place in a confined space with limited and highly controlled access, making the complex installation especially challenging.

The Solutions

To provide meeting attendees clear views of any shared content as well as other participants in remote locations, TRITECH installed a high resolution 16’ wide LED video display.  Automated camera tracking systems afford presenters freedom of movement within the entire space while remaining on camera.  The digital audio systems provide clear, high-quality sound to remote and local participants.  The microphone system features “push to talk” capability in elegant enclosures that allow the microphones to be recessed flush to the tabletop, creating an even, clean worktop.

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