The Client

More than 150 years after the founding of this major firm, today it comprises a diverse group of legal professionals from many cultures who are dedicated to teamwork, collaboration and superior client service. The Firm has built a reputation for successfully representing clients on complex transactional, regulatory and litigation matters spanning a range of legal areas. Passionate about making a meaningful impact by fostering positive change in many ways, the Firm is proud to serve a varied and high-caliber group of market leaders, many of whom are pioneers in their respective industries and professions.

The Challenge

TRITECH has been a valued Firm partner since 2006.  After their move to mid-town, TRITECH was called upon to implement the first upgrade in the newly created Conference Center.  Preventive Maintenance programs, service agreements and multiple technology upgrades have kept the Conference Center serving the Firm and its clients for over 12 years.  In 2018, the rapidly growing organization realized that more space and more advanced technology was required to accommodate the needs of clients and employees as well as to attract the new talent the Firm was seeking.  Based on the longevity of the partnership and a competitive bid response, TRITECH was selected to work alongside TAD Associates, the AV consulting firm, on the build-out of the new spaces.  Using a 6-phase construction approach, the design and construction teams developed an intricate plan that allowed the Firm to continue operations as the construction progressed.

The Solutions

Having just completed Phase 3 of the project, the construction teams continue to deliver the latest in conference room technology while maintaining consistency with the spaces that have yet to be upgraded.  It’s important to the Firm’s smooth operation that new spaces only improve upon what was there without radically changing the way systems work and how users interact with them.  Conference rooms range from simple presentation rooms to large, complex, full featured spaces that are in constant demand.  The recently completed dining area serves as a relaxing space with fabulous views of Manhattan while also functioning as a large meeting space that features a large video wall.  The video wall also serves the multi-purpose role of art piece during dining events and presentation display during meetings.

The central components in all the meeting and presentation spaces are the Lightware transmitters and switchers. Selected for their durability and versatility, their simple setup capability with video conference systems and displays made them the right choice for spaces that needed to be completed quickly.

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