The Client

The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), is a trade association that leads the effort to advance medical technology in order to achieve healthier lives and healthier economies around the world. AdvaMed’s membership has reached over 400 members with a global presence in countries including Europe, India, China, Brazil, and Japan. AdvaMed’s member companies range from the largest to the smallest medical technology innovators and companies. The Association acts as the common voice for companies producing medical devices, diagnostic products and digital health technologies.

The Challenge

Having outgrown its location in Washington DC’s mid-town, the organization sought to expand its offices and upgrade their AV technology for their headquarters building.  Having had a successful partnership on other projects, AdvaMed awarded the design/build project to Tritech.  As part of the project’s design team, Tritech was tasked with not only engineering the AV systems but also integrating them into the highly detailed and intricate design of the overall space.  Most displays, including the large lobby video wall, were to be fitted into architectural niches. The large meeting rooms required those displays to be large enough to provide detailed viewing by large audiences while not detracting from the room’s aesthetics. The divisible conference center necessitated complex audio, video display and signal distribution   systems that accommodated the extremely flexible configurations required.

With the increase in remote participants in AdvaMed’s meetings, the AV systems also needed to allow nearly all participants to be on-camera and be clearly heard by everyone in the meeting, whether local or remote.

The Solutions

The completed spaces are comfortable, highly functional and in great demand.  The displays in most of the conference rooms provide meeting attendees clear views of any shared content as well as other participants in remote locations. Some rooms utilize LCD/LED display monitors and direct view LED displays and projection.  Wireless microphones and digital audio systems provide clear, high-quality sound to everyone, remote or local.

The remote control systems are custom programmed to allow various configurations of the rooms to accommodate the diverse needs of AdvaMed employees and visitors.  Touch panel screens are used to give presenters simple control the systems and the environment while support staff can use the same screens for more intricate setups.

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