The Client

The automaker Genesis strives to create the finest automobiles and related products/services for connoisseurs around the globe. The recipient of numerous awards for their automotive products and designs, Genesis has become an iconic brand with instant recognition for quality and luxury.

The Challenge

The company wanted to transport its design principles to an architectural masterpiece and create a space that was more than a showroom and act as a place of enjoyment in a bustling area of NYC, the Meatpacking District. TRITECH was selected as the AV integrator for the unique space.  The project consisted of multiple video displays, of varying sizes and configurations.  One of the showpieces of the space is the theatre in the lower level of the building, whose main element is a 280-degree video display that is nearly 40’ wide.  Designed to showcase cars as well as performers, the floor, ceiling and back wall of the theatre are made up of hundreds of video panels bolted together to create surfaces strong enough to hold thousands of pounds yet bright and bold enough to display delicate images.  The installation of all those video tiles involved precise coordination, careful installation and detailed planning.  The project was delayed several times due to COVID restrictions and equipment supply issues.

The Solutions

The TRITECH team overcame the myriad of physical, technical and personnel challenges through careful project planning, creative solutions, and dedicated teamwork.  COVID travel restrictions meant that manufacturer support could only be virtual while TRITECH engineers and technicians provided the hands-on work required to bring the complex technology to life.  The intricate and precise nature of the installation left no room for error or second chances.

In addition to the video theatre, TRITECH provided a large “flip disc” display that is an intriguing work of art, used to deliver messages about the products as well as provide mesmerizing moving images.  Since the theatre is used for entertainment, cultural and training events, it is equipped with a full surround sound playback system as well as streaming and broadcast capability.

TRITECH also provided audio systems in the restaurant and lounge areas which can be used for background music as well as supporting special events.

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