The Client

Montclair State College, located in Montclair, New Jersey, is widely recognized as being among the top public colleges and universities in the country.

The Challenge

TRITECH was retained to further enhance the College’s excellent educational environment by designing and installing two lecture halls and six classrooms while maximizing the capabilities in these rooms to allow for total functionality.


Project Team

AV Consultant


Technology Integrator

TRITECH Communications

The Solutions

Services Provided:

  • Podiums were installed at the front of the room which house all A/V components, with a confidence monitor, Crestron controller, cable cubby, keyboard, mouse and gooseneck microphone for use by the presenter;
  • Video sources installed consisted of Crestron Air Media, local PC or a cable cubby with VGA and HDMI connectivity;
  • Assisted listening was present in all classrooms, as well as lecture capture;
  • Video capture was downloadable via local USB connection in the podium, allowing professors/presenters to upload the video to the University’s local storage after class;
  • Lecture video was recorded via a ceiling mounted High-Def camera.


Four video conference rooms were also installed on upper floors for faculty use.  A Vaddio bridge was utilized for video conferencing, via USB to enable Skype calls.  Video sources consisted of two table inputs, Crestron Air Media, and an OFE PC.  Audio calls were handled over VoIP through the Biamp Tesira Forte.  We enabled capture of the room audio by use of tri-element suspended microphones.


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