The Client

The company was founded in 1992 in New Haven, CT and is dedicated to transforming the lives of people affected by rare and devastating diseases by continuously innovating and creating meaningful value in everything they do. As the company deepens its understanding of rare disease, it allows them to innovate and evolve into areas where there is great unmet need and opportunity to help patients and families live their best lives.
The company has grown over the years and recently opened their new headquarters in Boston.

The Challenge

Alexion wanted their new headquarters building to be a space that inspired their workforce as well as accommodating their need for the latest technology as they go about the business of helping those with the rare diseases the company is focused on. TRITECH was selected as their AV partner to function in a design/build capacity.  At 120,000 square feet of space, the project required careful coordination of all the various disciplines that would be part of the build-out.  Simple yet robust communication systems were a major requirement from the beginning and the TRITECH design team worked closely with the architects to design systems that accommodated varying groups of people within highly flexible spaces.  Collaboration between diverse groups of employees, visitors, guests and many others necessitated systems that could easily accommodate widely varying technologies, located throughout the world.

The Solutions

The TRITECH “build” team was an integral part of the overall construction team which worked together to create a striking combination of highly functional spaces within a beautiful, engaging facility.  There are more than 120 conference rooms which include simple huddle type spaces, small and medium sized rooms that accommodate between 10-20 participants as well as larger spaces for bigger groups.  Each space is video enabled, allowing for video and audio connectivity through a web-based platform.  One touch enabled control is an integral part of each room’s collaboration and communication technologies.

The facility also includes a boardroom for more formal type meetings as well as open collaboration spaces that accommodate various size groups in an informal setting.  There are two large, divisible Multi-purpose spaces (MPR) that are used for very large gatherings of more than 200 people.  These rooms are fully equipped with the latest conferencing, collaboration and presentation technologies, designed to accommodate the varying technological skill levels of presenters.  Large video walls outside the MPRs provide information about the company, it’s products as well as other useful information for guests and meeting participants.

TRITECH also provided sound masking systems throughout the space which improves privacy and the overall sound environment for employees working in an open office setting.

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